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Elina Madison - Actress

For actress Elina Madison, the idea of being in a film with actor Leslie Mann would be a dream come true, even if it was only as the maid. The project would of course have to be directed by Mann's director husband, Judd Apatow, who Madison feels is just hilarious. While not a stranger to comedy roles, the Iowa-born, Wyoming-raised actor is best known as the 'Scream Queen', with more than 80 film and television shows under her belt - the majority have been in the horror genre.

Kismet Gold had the privilege of chatting with Elina to find out what she loves about being an actor as well as what it was like working with the Tom Hanks.

KG: Let's start at the beginning. You moved to Los Angeles at the age of 17 from Wyoming. Did you have any reservations about this or did you know this was the right path for you?

EM: I always wanted to get into acting and knew I had to be in Hollywood to do it. Winter in Wyoming can be brutal so the nice weather was a plus. I do appreciate growing up in a small town. It definitely has kept me grounded.

KG: You also spent some time as a model at the prestigious Elite Model Agency. While you were modelling, did you enjoy it as much as acting or did you miss being an actor full-time?

EM: I actually started modeling before I got into acting. It was great because I was able to travel and experience things I'd never done before. I feel lucky that I was able to model and now very happy to have my acting career.

KG: You spent some time as a student at the famous The Groundlings - how did your experience there shape you as an actor?

EM: The Groundlings was not only a wonderful learning experience - it was hilarious to watch everyone do their improv in class. It really helped me open up and be able to laugh at myself and let loose without being self-conscious at all. It was actually Deborah Shaw (owner of Kismet Gold) who suggested I did the course to not take myself too seriously.

KG: Your film debut was in ‘That Thing You Do’! What was it like working with Tom Hanks? What tips or lessons did you learn while working on the set?

EM: Tom Hanks is the nicest person! He really is exactly how he comes across in films. Being one of the first films I worked on, it was such a good experience. I learned that no matter how big or small the set or how famous you are, the experience can always be positive. You can stay grounded, real and be nice to everyone. It was an invaluable lesson. I've carried that with me through all my years as an actress. So thank you Mr. Hanks!!

KG: What is your favourite thing about being an actor?

EM: One of my favorite things about being an actor is all the different characters I get to play and the interesting people I meet. Each set tends to have its own personality and each is very different so it's always an experience.

KG: What has been your favourite project?

EM: There are so many! The latest one is Last Call at Murray's -- there's a lot of heart in the film on so many levels. It's an ensemble character comedy. It really is so funny! It'll be out next year. I play Autumn. She's self-obsessed and thinks she knows better than everyone else when really she's pretty insecure.

KG: Favourite co-star or actor to work with?

EM: It was Jay Laisne. We were shooting Girl with No Number for months in the Philippines. As intense as the film content and shoot were, he came out every day with the best attitude and outlook. We just had a great time. Jay always had something nice to say and prepared on set. That is priceless.

KG: How has Hollywood and the acting industry changed since you started?

EM: It's changed in the sense that the Internet is so prominent. Everything is pretty much done online now which gives actors a little more control over their careers. But there's so much more content with web series and being able to create your own projects.

KG: This has been great Elina but we have one last question: what is your favourite film?

EM: That's a tough question! There are so many! One is The Shawshank Redemption. I think I have seen it 50 or 60 times. Sometimes partially but mostly all the way through. It's one of those films that I'll see is on and I'll start watching it from any given point and get absorbed. It's a classic!

KG: Thank you Elina...

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